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Why the Nuclear Deal is Not an Easy Sell in Washington?

In the last few days, the difficulties in the selling of the India-US civilian nuclear energy cooperation agreement to the US Congress have come to the forefront. Though President Bush himself had admitted during his trip to India that it’s going to be a hard slog, most Indians in the initial euphoria after the agreement on the separation plan last month seemed to have taken for granted that the deal was done. Now the reality is sinking in as Bush Administration officials are making their case in front of a sceptical US Congress and are finding it difficult to convince its members that the “path-breaking deal obviously deserves their support.” There are increasing calls that substantive changes should be made to the deal before it can be passed. Though Condoleezza Rice’s presentation to the US Congress seems to have made a great impression, it will be some time before one could be certain that the deal would pass unscathed.
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