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Tamil TV Channels off air

There is anger in Karnataka following the Cauvery tribunal verdict. This is understandable, but what isnt is the propensity to blank out Tamil Channels for any disturbance in Karnataka. Be it Dr. Raj being kidnapped or one of the various protests in this Cauvery debate, the cable operators in Karnataka seem to think that blanking out Tamil channels is a way to protest against Tamils. If the occassion has nothing to do with Tamils in particular, like Dr. Raj passing away, then it is blanking out of all non-kannada channels. This is not just misplaced anger but a serious assault on an individual’s right to information. The whole of yesterday, for instance, I could not get the real picture of security in Bangalore because all of the famed 24×7 english channels were fixed on Dilip Vengsarakar’s wife opening up a jewellery store and Sanju baba appearing in Tada court. The Kannada news channels carried a complete coverage of the Cauvery dispute, but of what fun is it to watch news without knowing what is being spoken?

23 Responses to Tamil TV Channels off air

  1. karnataka lover February 8, 2007 at 7:38 am #

    I agree with you.But have you ever tried to understand the feelings of kannadigas.

    I assume you are a tamil brahmin.What freedom do brahmins and other minorities have in TN to express their opinion on sensitive issues like reservations and tamil chauvinism.Remember how khushboo was hounded.Tamils and others have so much freedom in Bangalore.Mudaliars run private engineering colleges,tamil software engineers abound in bangalore.tamil papers thinathanthi and thinakaran are published from bangalore.udaya is owned by you know whom.

    Have you ever seen a kannada film poster in madras.a kannada paper,a kannada minority college,engineering college.There are 65 telugu minority institutions in TN.


    KANNADIGAS do not have a well defined identity which in today’s india means a marked anti-hindu,anti–brahmana chauvinist position.Deve Gowda does not threaten the central govt for plum posts,central investments,reservations in iits.kannadigas do not threaten judges like arcot veerasamy,burn constitution like karunanidhi,kill prime ministers like LTTE.

    Kannadigas dont flaunt they are different from other indians.They do not abuse sanskrit and vedas.They dont glorify christianity,islam,US and British Empire like Justice party,DMK.

    Unlike andhra,they do not have a regional party,which squeezes the centre.

    They are not like kerala which has set an example for bureacratic communism and entrenched non-hindu establishment.

    I suppose you know kanchi periyavaa was a kannada smartha in his poorvashrama.

    or if you are a devotee of the sringeri mutt,you must be knowing where sringeri is.

    If you are a srivaishnava,who gave refuge to ramanuja from saiva persecution.

    Karnataka is like india full of diversity.it is benign.Tamils like you ,like muslims and christians in india,dare to complain.

    Have you ever thought of the plight of kannadigas in hosur,hogenakkal and ooty,who lab our under chauvinist tamil govts which have no respect for kannada.Hosur is not far from where you stay.

  2. Reason February 8, 2007 at 8:55 am #

    Minorities have rights – and not because majorities give them that.

    But there is also an issue of how minorities deal with majorities. A particular religious minority has a problem in how it deals with the rest, where ever it is – malappuram or europe – a problem that even BBC had to acknowledge in a multi-part series recently. And I think a particular linguistic group has a problem too. The indoctrination of dravida movement left behind a lasting legacy of anti-brahminism and language chauvinism.

    And ofcourse I dont support blanket banning of tamil channels. But a government does have the right to ban rumor-mongering news sources (though in this case KA government has nothing to do with the ban by cable operators).

  3. Sriram February 8, 2007 at 9:11 am #

    Karnataka lover, for all that is good in kannadigas and bad in tamils, can you justify blanking out Tamil channels?

    Reason, is demanding that channels not be taken off air linguistic chauvinism?

  4. Reason February 8, 2007 at 9:23 am #

    >> Reason, is demanding that channels not be taken off air linguistic chauvinism?

    Did I say that?

    If you live in bangalore, have you seen wall scrawls of ‘thani thamizhar senai’ etc?

  5. Sriram February 8, 2007 at 9:38 am #

    Reason, you seem to imply that. Or may be I misunderstood it. Yes I have seen wall scrawls.

  6. karnataka lover February 8, 2007 at 12:49 pm #

    I dont support chauvinism of any type.Taking off channels is a sign of weakness and a certain complex that kannadigas have.But oruthar saadhuva irukkanu, ava thalayila milahaya araikka mudiyathu.

    Also,I believe the judgement itself is very fair.The raw emotions are more due to this sense of seige and poor interpretation of the judgement.deliberate or otherwise.

  7. Sriram February 8, 2007 at 1:46 pm #

    Karnataka lover, even I thought that the judgement was fair. Or rather the interpretations of the judgement that I read reported it to be fair. For instance, everyone is harping about the 419 TMC versus the 205 TMC in the interim award. But the comparison should have been between the 192 (or 217) TMC that Karnataka is supposed to give and 205. Simply put, people are not comparing apples with apples.

    That apart, most of what you said about the lack of unique kannada identity is right. I had a discussion with one of my kannadiga friends about this and he was the opinion that it is difficult to cook up such an identity. But I guess that is very much in the making, thanks to vested interests who pull ‘common enemies’ out of thin air and galvanize the kannadigas (or a major chunk of them) along linguistic lines.

    Dravidianism is an extreme form of casteism-racism founded on anti-brahminism and anything perceived to be aryan-brahmin. Anti-Hindi protests along anti-aryan lines lent linguistic angle to dravidianism. Otherwise EVR (read comment #2 to http://signal.nationalinterest.in/archives/pthoppay/282) had no high regards of Tamil.

    Kannada identity will be along class divide rather racist lines. The non-kannadiga immigrant in Bangalore gets paid ridiculously higher than the non-IT kannadiga. There is a simmering anger (cant call it anger, but words fail me now) on that and in my opinion is a potential time-bomb. With most of our politicians tending to adopt a pro-poor stand, they will want to exploit these fault lines.

  8. karnataka lover February 8, 2007 at 4:18 pm #

    my first post seems almost threatening.Actually,i live in madras.migrants,even highly qualified and well paid,sometimes tend to overlook the ground reality.

    It is not your job to worry about all these things.Yet i felt the unique situation kannadigas find themselves in is worth our attention.They are different from other south indians.May be the diversity within karnataka or the fact mysore was a kingdom or different regions were reorganised as karnataka only in 1956 is the reason.

    Kannadigas have a kannada sangha`in T.Nagar.They dont watch kannada movies in madras.They dont have colleges or schools like DAV,Adarsh(Punjab Assn),shrine velankanni,asaan,Loyola,MCC and numerous others for (christians including kerala christians,AM Jain,DB Jain,MNM Jain,MOP,SNDT,DG Vaishnav,Sindhi,innumerable telugu,Guru Nanak,New,Crescent etc.

    No kannada papers.

    Tamils for whom bangalore is second home complain about non-availability of KARU tv.

    It is not correct of kannadigas too to target only tamils,as if all their problems stem from us (i am including you and me) ,many of whom have genuine affection for their neighbours.

  9. madhu February 8, 2007 at 4:54 pm #

    But I guess that(kannada identity) is very much in the making, thanks to vested interests who pull ‘common enemies’ out of thin air and galvanize the kannadigas (or a major chunk of them) along linguistic lines.

    Nope. i think u r misreading the situation.The Kannadiga identity if it ever evolves at all will not be anti-anybody.It will be very much Pro-Indian. U only need to read a poem widely accepted as the Kannada state song composed by Jnanpith awardee Kuvempu for that. it is titled-Jai Karnataka Mathe.

    it specifically says this in a line.
    Jai Bharatha jananiya tanujathe jayahi karnataka mathe

    It translates as our mother Karnataka is the beloved daughter of Mother India.

    So that is the dominant sentiment here and what is being taught in our schools to our kids from the beginning.

    But unfortunately whenever there is some problem(Dr raj or cauvery disturbances)many ignorant people from outside are guilty of projecting what has happened elsewhere in the country like Assam or Punjab or Kashmir onto the situation in Karnataka and look at it with unnecessary suspicion. Which is thoroughly stupid.

    I hold the National media in contempt for this. They simply do not want to understand what is happening before doing their idiotic reporting.

    so don’t worry the Kannadigas and Karnataka are not going anywhere.Unless and until they are kicked out of the Union :).hopefully none of our fellow countrymen wants to that to us.do they?

  10. someone February 12, 2007 at 3:30 pm #

    You live in Bangalore and don’t know the language of the place. That’s disgusting. You come here in the millions and don’t even have the courtesy to learn the language spoken here, – some of you can’t even recognise the kannada script, let alone understand it. All you can come up with are shitty excuses about Bangalore being “cosmopolitan” or Hindi and English being national languages, and if someone raises the issue, you dismiss him by calling him names like “chauvinist”, without even *trying* to understand how grave and out of hand the situation is. Kannada speakers in Bangalore are somewhere around 30% – about the same as Tamil, Hindi or English speakers. Don’t give me excuses, come back to me when you are willing to at least recognise this as a *problem*, a problem that makes Kannadigas like me feel shitty.

  11. Jaychandra February 12, 2007 at 7:02 pm #

    Hi everybody and have read all the blogs u ppl have posted interesting to know that, kannadiga’s hate only Tamilans, whatsoever maybe the reason which is not good either for kannadiga or Tamilan,why should the cable cut the Tamil Channels, this is unfair in a democratic country like India,I agree that there is no Kannada newspaper published in Tamilnadu or Kannada Film being Screened there, why is it soo, I as a Kannadiga when I was in Chennai tried to speak in Kannada to a person whom I knew he was a Kannadiga he replied to me in English, We Kannadiga’s love to hide our Kannada and speak in Hindi or English which should be avoided, why blame Tamils alone, now the largest immigrants coming to Bangalore are Mallu’s,Bengalise Northies, they do not even bother to learn Kannada,First rest next, We as a Kannadigas did not even bothered or complained about Private FM stations airing only Hindi and English songs and once in a Blue moon they used to play Kannada songs, but we all were happy listening to that songs, why should we not listen to Kannada Songs, is it a offence or is it a Style, Karnataka is the only state which celebrated Rajyothsava on Nov 1. why is it so, did we got any independence from India or for what reason, the real need of the hour is first we Kannadigas should learn Kannada love Kannadiga then rest will follow, this is wat Tamils have done long back they opposed Hindi just for this reason, why should we accept Hindi as a national Language will any Hindi speaking people will learn Kannada, then why should we learn Hindi, But I am not against Hindi, I am against only on the forceful introduction to the non hindi speaking people who are more compared to the Hindi speaking people in India, and for all the silly reason our people from Kannada Rakshana vedike will go, bombard the theatre nearby which plays Tamil movies, then how can we say that we Kannadigas are secular, why such a Hatred towards Tamilans, my only request is donot create a situation where our own public properties like bus needs to be torched to show our protest…….

  12. Raghu February 18, 2007 at 7:29 pm #


    I’m a Tamilian living in Bangalore. I agree with your comments on this topic 100%. Who ever migrate to any place for living, they have to learn and respect adopted place’s culture and language.

    Regarding FM playing Hindi songs:

    I have asked many times to my Kannadika friends why majority of Bangalore FM channels airing Hindi songs (except FM channel owned by Sun TV Group) all time not give a damn to Kannada. This kind of thing is not happening in TN and it will not happen in the future also.

  13. Amarjeet February 22, 2007 at 11:57 am #

    If there is a real logic in banning of Tamil Channels in Karnataka, let the following logic also be adapted:

    Ban all channels be it kannada, telugu ,malayalam, etc beamed by Sun network, which is a tamil network!!!

  14. Rohit February 23, 2007 at 5:12 am #

    I fully agree with all you friends (specifically KANNADIGAS(INDIANS).

    It is not necessary that someone can expose their protest only by harming others .

    I hope we all have forgotten one thing (basically we are indians).

    I ‘ll give you one simple example.During the cauvery water issue in Tamilnadu last year,Tamil Film world has staged a protest saying that let us stop giving electricity to Karnataka.Even I consider that as a foolish thing.Because the basic amenities need to be share with our neighbours.Then only we all can survive in this world.

    Now comes to our topic (blocking the tamil channels),It is against the fundamental rights of our constituition.

    We all need to know one thing We are single India differentiated by boundaries like language,religion etc.Nothing else.

    Indians are having plenty of issues to fight against like terrorism,poverty etc.Then only our president’s dream will come true atleast one day.

    Politicians might do this for the welfare of their family/party.But tell me honestly what ordinary people get out of it.As Mr.Narayana Murthy said we have to prove to the world that india is a better place to live,to business and others.We should carry out ethics,values to the outside world and we should make them to accept it as INDIA IS GREAT.



    So my dear friends please strive to grow india in a better way.

  15. Pannir Selva February 23, 2007 at 10:24 am #

    Shame on you man, becoz you are acting like a LTTE.You people bring tension to everyone in the socitey.
    Its unfortunate that, for you watching some Tamil serials are more important than the real issue.

    If you think Kaveri water problem is just kannadigas bother, then get your basics straight.

    I live in area where tamils are majority, we get water once in a week. This is the most common situation in most of bangalore.
    Can u imagine the situation if we accept the cauvery verdict ??

    what to do with TAMIL CHANNELS when we dont have water to surrvive, do tamils channels supply that ??.

    We here get all the benifits like , movies,channels,newspapers ..etc
    we alomst feel like we are in home. DO kannadigas in our state feel the same ??. So far in my life i never seen any Kannada channel/movie nor any news papers ?, how can u justify that !!
    dont mistake the hospitality of kannadigas as weakness. Learn the local language and start watching ETV,UDAYA TV.

  16. Madhu February 23, 2007 at 10:35 am #

    Well said, we need more tamilians like you.

    @Rohit and all confused digs …listen
    Before uttering your nonsense on INDIA,CONSTITUTION etc, know how kannadigas are treated in other states. Is it not violation of constitution.

    Buddy, you talk abt power(ELECTRICITY) without knowing ABCD.

    KARNATAKA 0.3%


    TAMIL NADU 75%
    kARNATAKA 3%

    YOU CONFUSED DIGS dont understand anything, simply popup and try to act as Buddijeevis
    by saying INDIA,CONSTITUTION etc.
    Forget abt tamil channels,in Bangalore we dont get so many kannada channels …TV9,ZEE-Kannada. But they air all tamil, telugu,punjabi even TV-5,DW,FTV.

    Before preaching this here,ask your tamil friends why they STOPPED all kannada shootings , threatened to kill PREETI YEKE BOOMI MELE IDE team while shooting in Tamil nadu.

  17. MGS February 24, 2007 at 11:17 am #



  18. Raghu February 24, 2007 at 6:45 pm #

    >>Before preaching this here,ask >>your tamil friends why they >>STOPPED all kannada shootings , >>threatened to kill PREETI YEKE >>OMI MELE IDE team while shooting >> Tamil nadu.

    Its because Tamil Nadu folks won’t allow this kind of stupid movie shooting in their soild…(No offence please…)

    Is this real issue now…? Movie shooting & TV channnels etc. I feel its about attitude towards one southie to other southie. Think why majority of Kannadigas do not watch Kannada movies…because Kannada movie sucks…(in way i’m not saying other Indian movies are better. But Kannada movies are worst in this category). Also, Hindi movies preferred in Bangalore and elsewhere. Do not talk crap like ‘Hindi is a national language. we all should follow it…’

  19. Kumar February 25, 2007 at 6:29 pm #


    Please Check the message in the above URL

    Bangalore is in trouble… it has become Metropolitan, but the native people people are not yet ready to accept it.
    I would like to site an example in Pune… There are lot of different state people in Pune but they are never even ‘asked’ to learn Marathi. Ofcourse lot of things are still followed in Marathi, Hindi and Marathi being similar and with same script, the North Indians won’t face much problems. As for the South and other regions (like Gujratis), they adopt Hindi. The point is nobody even ‘asks’ them of ‘expects’ them to know Marathi.
    Here, I must point that there are (is) political parties who use “Marathi speaking land” as their political motto… but none has been able to even get public support, leave aside coming to power on that basis till date. Whereas in Bangalore, its different with all that forced movies, forced cable channels, those flags stuff!
    Mumbai’s native language has become Hindi and nobody has had problems with it for years!
    I think this regional stuff is getting out of bounds and the center must step in to unite people across India.
    Having said this, it seems Karnataka has disputes with all its neighbours – Andhra, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Kerala – something to think about!!!
    Examples of extremism (again, I am not talking about political parties as they are bound to behave poorly in any state) :-
    1) The Kannada people in companies in Bangalore celebrate company wide “Rajyotsawa” – I didn’t saw Marathi people in Pune, Mumbai celbrating company wide or colege wide “Maharashtra Din”, or NOIDA people celebrating UP din – they would do so on their ‘personal’ behalf.
    Looks like Kannada people are very defensive and always talk about ‘their’ culture, never seem to have a ‘National’ feeling!
    2) The Yellow+Red ‘Kannada State’ flag (so was I told) – these people just forget ‘Our’ National ‘Tricolour’. Seem to be lacking the feeling of being Indian fist – which is very shameful and if this goes this way, the Indian Government must tell these guys to leave India.
    Even HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) in Bangalore, had 8-10 ‘Kannada State’ flags hoisted over their building and hiding Our National Flag between them. Such a shame!
    Never in any state I felt so “Away from India”. But I am Indian and I know Bangalore is part of India so I hope one day we will unite under the same Tricolour.
    Also, don’t generalise this on “South Indians” terms. I think people in Tamilnadu are very active when it comes to having a ‘National’ level sentiment and opinion. Just read letters to Editor in “The Hindu” and you will get what I mean. You will find good remarks by lot of people from Andhra, Keral, Tamilnadu in the letters colum, but hardly find a “Kannada” caring about ‘National’ issues!
    You see, the question is not just of language. Its about ‘National’ feeling.

  20. Kumar February 25, 2007 at 6:42 pm #


    Check the link corg is belongs to a seperate state and still they are want ot go out of Karnataka.

  21. Raja September 5, 2007 at 2:02 pm #

    Written by: someone
    You live in Bangalore and don’t know the language of the place. That’s disgusting. You come here in the millions and don’t even have the courtesy to learn the language spoken here .. …

    come on man… It’s depends upon individuals.. Though my mothertounge is Tamil, I learnt Kannada and Malayalam.. I have seen many Kannadigas living in Chennai, who never wants to learn Tamil..

    There are good and bad people, equally prevailed in this world….. Just because a person speaks a particular language, he won’t become baddie…

  22. gayathri October 6, 2007 at 10:34 am #

    Dear Sir/Madam
    i am gayathri .in bangalore so many kannadians pepole are not give respect to the tamilians.whatever problem for karnatakka & tamilnadu.what we did we are the first pepole in all the things.if any tamil film is realesed for that also they fight.but so many tamil remake film they
    remake.they can remake the film but they dont need to leave pepole to live.recently shivaji film released in bangalore for that they fighted.on the same time surudeep film showed in the screen,even he gave bad comments about the tamil industry & he challenged he will take better cinema than the tamil.but whatever film he is dircted its full tamil remake he should first think of this.we are indians we can leave any where in india this is my obenion.should love our language.should not be crake.