Should India accept China’s maritime silk road proposal?

Both India and China should come forward with guidelines and agendas to discuss regarding such maritime cooperation By Piyush Singh At the just concluded 17th Round of Talks between the Special Representatives of India and China in February on the boundary question, Chinese State Councilor Yang Jichei invited India to setup a Maritime Dialogue with China […]

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Navigating the TPP waters

By Abhirup Bhunia To keep off potential political and commercial isolation, India has to deftly navigate the TPP waters.  Complex elements of modern day trade like protection of Intellectual Property Rights, seamless cross-border investments, labour and environmental standards for production, etc – together identified as “21st century trade issues” in common parlance – are being […]

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Jihad: the real climate change challenge

Analysts and researchers have long worked on why Jihadi activity has increased in the last many years. Popular fiction links it with the Afghan war and how US decided to back a mujahideen army to win the cold war against USSR. This was coupled with the aftermath of the siege of Mecca in 1979 which […]

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Innovation – A competitive advantage

By Sardul Singh Minhas India needs to make a significant additional commitment to R&D in the public sector as a strategic move to boost the country’s innovative capabilities. We remember the legendary Steve Jobs as a master innovator. Apple was near bankruptcy when he re-joined it in 1997; he propelled it to become the world’s […]

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Case for a federal foreign policy?

Even in the current pro-federalism debate, one area has been strictly reserved for the central government: foreign policy. However, in a diverse country like India we are selling ourselves short by not taking advantage of our states’ ability to directly engage with the world at large. Obviously, New Delhi is the only competent authority when […]

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The Arctic and the impact of non-conventional oil on the OPEC

By Adarsh Mathew Whenever the Arctic does become accessible, the region will throw up a potentially disruptive development in the energy markets with far-reaching implications. OPEC’s traditional stranglehold over the world’s oil resources has eroded over the past few years. Part of it can be attributed to improved technology resulting in engines that are more […]

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Manifesto Ideas for AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party is still preparing its manifesto and has invited suggestions, so here are a few that would appeal to its core platform: Since Arvind Kejriwal loves making concrete number driven promises, why not promise to take India from an abysmal bottom ranking in the Ease of Doing Business to within the top […]

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A test of conviction

Now that AAP has passed the test in the assembly and is guaranteed at least 6 months in Delhi government, the next steps from all parties will demonstrate the conviction they have in what they themselves have espoused. Starting with BJP: their reaction on AAP has been of the proverbial khisyani cat that couldn’t get […]

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Hacking Indian journalism for fun and profit

By Pukhraj Singh An average Indian journalist is like a teat pipette which spills more than it can suck to wreak havoc on the contemporary narrative. That is how Hunter S Thompson would have opined, if the S ever stood for Singh, which, I believe, could very well be the case. There are times when my […]

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Why AAP may even be good for India’s economy

Why AAP’s policies may be good for our economy. Much has been said about AAP’s bold and surprising entry into politics. Also, much has been said about their socialist leanings and how their good intentions may be the classic ‘road to hell’ journey. Unlike the experts, I think AAP will end up being good for […]

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